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This page is intentionally text only to assist when visiting the website on an expensive internet connection like on board cruise ships. To see great photos and videos return to the homepage and browse.

Here's some interesting information for guests visiting Akaroa by cruise ship.

We are commonly asked about the best way to make your visit to Akaroa and your Harbour Cruise as rewarding as possible. Here's a few suggestions to bear in mind:

  1. To ensure a morning cruise, please try to be off the Cruise Ship as early as possible. There's normally a queue waiting for a tender ashore, and those passengers who have booked an excursion on board the cruise ship, tend to be preferred for first tenders ashore.
  2. The morning cruises are normally best for Wildlife viewing, because our little dolphins get shy after being 'buzzed' by power boats. They're noticeable less enthusiastic in the afternoons.
  3. For the pure sailor in you, the afternoons can be better because the breeze picks up around 11am, and is best around the 1 to 3pm times.
  4. To find us, you'll be dropped off at the Main Wharf by tender. We're on the main wharf too. Just look for the classic yacht Manutara. I'll be there too, my name is Ray, and I berth the boat towards the sea end of the wharf. I'll be the smiling happy guy with the silly sign!
  5. We find the prices for local attractions when booking on board cruise ships can be seriously inflated. Our price is the same for you as for locals. We don't inflate prices for visitors.

If you are cosidering a cruise with us on the classic yacht Manutara, here are the details:

Boarding Time: either10.15am for the morning cruise, OR 1.15pm for the afternoon cruise Sailing Time: 10.30am for the morning, returning at 1pm or 1.30pm for the afternoon, Return Time: 4.00pm Departs From: Akaroa Main Wharf … seaward end of the wharf, dont walk past the Blue Buildings.

Total Fare Payable: NZ$85 per person, for two, that's NZ$170.

How to pay for your cruise:

Book online. The best method. Your cruise is instantly confirmed, and I'll reply personally just to double-check. Just CLICK HERE, or click the BOOKINGS button on any page, and follow your nose from there. Please have your credit card handy. Thanks.

Paying by Cash. You can pay on board with cash just prior to departure. It's easy however a placed online booking will have precedence over 'pencil' bookings.

To get the latest information on the 'A-Class Sailing Cruises', our 'Environmental Objectives' and 'Zero Impact Policy', and the 'Personal Details' on Manutara, the 47-foot, 1946 vintage classic yacht, please click the ABOUT US button above.

There are Customer Testimonials as well as pictures customers have emailed us they've taken while cruising on board Manutara. To see a thrilling video of wildlife and our Sailing Cruise check out this YouTube link.

We look forward to you joining us on a WILDLIFE cruise on the largest yacht in Akaroa. Manutara is a BEAUTIFUL vessel, beautifully maintained with REAL CHARACTER AND ATMOSPHERE. The experience is magical! You'll be invited to steer the ship yourself, take a turn on the massive chrome winches or simply sit back and enjoy the experience. You probably won't want to get off!

Ray Shoebridge
Captain 'A-Class' Sailing Akaroa

PS: Maybe I get a bit passionate about this but I promise you will have a sensational, memorable cruise.

PPS: Don't forget our terms and conditions. They are:

  1. Bring your camera
  2. Have fun
  3. Arrive as customers, leave as friends