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Kathy and John Earnshaw. Christchurch NZ. Hi Ray. I wanted to thank you for a fantastic afternoon out on the water on Friday. It was such a special treat and a perfect way to spend my 50th birthday. Manutara is a beautiful boat, and I felt that taking the helm was an honour. I have attached a photo which John shot just as I was having a teary, happy moment. I can’t remember when I last cried for joy like that, and it was certainly the most fun I have had standing up for years! Many thanks. Kathy and John. Sailed 11th June 2010 (Page down to see John's pic of Kathy helming Manutara on her 50th Birthday! Go Girl!)

Charlotte Nash. Hi Ray, I came on your beautiful boat a few weeks ago in February - the day there was no wind but the dolphins and Little Blue Penguins were spectacular and more than made up for the lack of wind. It was a wonderful morning and I would love to have come back on a windy day! Let me know if you ever make it to England and maybe I could join your cruise for a good sail here! We are now home and I've had time to sort out my photos. Thought you may like to see them as you were talking about wanting a Little Blue Penguin picture for your web-site. Use them if you would like to. Hope all is going well for you. Do your trips continue in winter? I have just been on your website and watched the video clip and now wish I was back in NZ! Best wishes, Charlotte Nash. (Page down to see Charlotte's great Pic of the dolphin.)

Annabelle Flower. London, England. Dear Ray, Back in December I came aboard your beautiful boat in Akaroa and had a fantastic sail in the afternoon sunshine. I don’t know if you remember, it was a while ago! There was just me at first and then another Canadian couple hopped aboard at the last second and we had a lovely trip around the harbour. While sailing, we saw a blue penguin and I told you I’d send you the picture I got! Well, here it is at last!! I do hope you like it! Very belated thanks for such a lovely sail! I hope that you are well and still sailing in Akaroa every day! Some friends of mine visited recently and I told them to be sure to board your boat! Since returning to the UK, I’ve been working for a sailing organisation and meeting many sailors as well as the experience like the one aboard your boat have inspired me to get qualified this summer, who knows maybe one day I’ll sail back to NZ!! Take a look at our website sometime, you might find some interesting stuff! Best wishes, Annabelle.

Julia and friends from Vienna, Austria. Hi Ray, attached you can find the picture you asked for. We really enjoyed the trip on your gorgeous boat. Thanks for this beautiful New Years Day, we will never forget it. Cheers,
Matthias, Alex & Julia from Austria. p.s. it would be a pleasure to welcome you in Vienna!

Katrine Jankovicz and friends. Ray’s sailing adventures is a whole new way of being outward bound. I along with my three mates set out for a day of sailing, but we got so much more than that. Some with experience, some not, but by the end of the trip we all got our sea legs. We were welcomed on to Ray’s boat and had a great day. The boat is a sailor’s dream, beautiful, spacious and plenty of handles to hold on to. Ray taught us a lot about sailing, while giving us each a chance to take the helm and sail away. He is a wonderful skipper who is passionate about sailing and sharing his boat with you. Also, he tells interesting stories about the local history, the Banks Peninsula and his ship. Ray also can give you secret tips on places to go that one could not find in a travel guide. Overall, our sailing adventure was a unique experience, and we highly recommend it to everyone. Sailed 4th November 2009

Mark and Heather Layton, UK. Dear Ray and Linda, This comes from the lucky couple who enjoyed a magical afternoon with Ray on Manutara on 30th September. We are grateful for the fact that you troubled to make a wonderful time for just the two of us, for your good humour and fascinating knowledge of the area around Akaroa. The silly grins will be on our faces for a long time yet as we recall the day with tremendous pleasure. Regards, Mark and Heather Layton. Sailed 30th September 2009

Suzanne, Gavin, Jenny and Janine, Australia. Hi Ray. Just a quick note to thank you again for a fantastic sailing experience last Sunday…you made it so special with your anecdotes, specialist knowledge and local information. We took your recommendation and had the Mt Difficulty Sauvignon Blanc at Ma Maison – a knockout, and also went to Birdlings Flat on our way back to Christchurch – really unique. We had the best time and will be writing a recommendation for Trip Advisor. One small point – the lighthouse did, in fact, close at 4.30pm – another reason to return next year! We will be recommending you to friends who are planning a visit over the next couple of months. Again, thanks for your care and attention – you made our trip memorable (especially for my sister Janine who was having her first break away from her twin 6 year old boys – she is a single parent, and really needed the break). Warm regards, Suzanne. Ps I will send through a couple of photos… Sailed 11th October 2009 (Pic, left to right: Ray (skipper) Janine (helming), Suzanne, Gavin and Jenny)>>>>>>>

Adam Watson, Sydney Australia. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC !!!! From the moment I booked our sailing trip on-line to finishing the sail around beautiful Akaroa Bay, everthing was fantastic. Ray (the Skipper) and his wife, couldn't have offered any higher level of service. It shows when someone loves what they do and is passionate about it - Ray is one of those guys. His superbly maintained boat and the fact that gets everyone involved in the moment, makes the day. I've travelled around the world many times but this was one of the best days I've been one. I'll definately be back for another sail. Congratulations to you and your wife. Regards, Adam Watson, Sydney Australia. Sailed 4th October 2009

Claire and Gavin Ward-Passey. England ***** Five Star. Gavin and Claire Ward-Passey. 23rd September 2009

Mark and Sherry Hayward, Kent, England. Hi. Just a short message to say thank you for a great afternoon sailing on the above date. We both enjoyed not only the sail but the local history lesson as well. It was the perfect end to our stay in your fantastic country. AKAROA, what a setting. Thanks once again. Sherry and Mark Hayawrd. 23 September 2009

Marianne Kremer, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I couldn't find a guest book on your internet-site, but an e-mail will work too! With this, thank you very much for the great sailing trip last Saturday afternoon, I have really enjoyed it!! Althought sailing as the only passenger felt very luxury, I loved it! Thank you so much!
I'll impress my family with the pictures of the boat leaning sideways.. Enjoy your time in Akaroa, a lovely place!!
Marianne Kremer. 5th May 2009

Michael Yarnall, Falmouth, England. We had a great sail thank you dont forget when you arive in falmouth please get in touch. Mike Yarnall. 25th February 2009.

Jerry & Denise Brooks, Dexter, Michigan USA. Last week we were so very pleased to sail with you and Simon on the Manutara. The six of us really enjoyed the thrill of sailing in the harbor and seeing the beauty of the country along the shore. It was a perfect sailing day, one of the high points of our visits in New Zealand, so peaceful and beautiful. And the boat is terrific; beautiful, well kept and comfortable. We would highly recommend your sailing tours to anyone who is interested in seeing the country from a little different perspective, whether a novice or an experienced sailor. If any of our friends are coming your way we will be sure to tell them about you and the Manutara. Thanks for a really fine morning and a great experience in Akaroa. Hope you can come in our Great Lakes here in Michigan some day. Jerry & Denise Brooks, Dexter, Michigan USA. 15th January 2009

Jamie & Alison Ritchie, Hawke's Bay. Just a quick thank you for the two sails we had with you at the end of January. Your boat is lovely and the style was perfect for us. Best Wishes, Jamie & Alison Ritchie, Hawke's Bay. 12th January 2009

Laura, Katrin and Asta Seppinnen, Finland. Promised to send you some photos from our fantastic sailing trip from couple of weeks ago. Here is now one photo for beginning. Thank u once again for the coolest sailing trip ever! Cheers. Asta (+Laura and Katrin) from Finland

Rick & Lynn Vandertie, Christchurch NZ. Today was amazing. This boat is a dolphin magnet. We've seen at least 50 dolphins today and they followed us like the pied piper. Here is the best video from our harbour cruise today. 13-Dec-08 Akaroa Harbour Cruise on A-Class Sailing Boat with Ray Shoebridge as the skipper. We were mobbed with Hector's dolphins (the smallest and rarest salt water dolphin in the world). Sorry some of the audio is the noisy wind. Thanks again for such a great experience! Rick & Lynn Vandertie. Saturday 13th December 2008. A-Class Sailing, Akaroa, New Zealand - Hector's Dolphin Magnet

Leif and Kristin, Seattle, WA, USA. We had a great time, just super relaxed and really got to enjoy the bay and didn't feel like we were bothering the cute dolphins and penguins. Hope to see you again in our future travels! Dec 2nd, 2008.

Steve & Betty Chondros. Melbourne, Australia. This was the first time sailing and we loved it. Ray was fantastic, he taught us sailing and the history of Akaroa, and we even had a go at taking the helm! We could also just relax, enjoy the scenery and listen to the wind in the sails. One of our best experiences in New Zealand. Thanks, Steve & Betty Chondros. Melbourne, Australia. We sailed on the 31st of October, 2008

Michael Hofer, Rottweil, Germany. "It was a great trip for sailing. We see a lot of Dolphins. See our Pictures." Michel Hofer. 29 November 2008.

Michael Wachter, Rottweil, Germany. "Amazing trip:sailing, hectors dolphins. More than I expected. Thanks a lot Ray and Simon. Michael Wachter." 29 November 2008.

Jim and David Hogan. "My son, David, and I sailed with you on the 19th, and I promised to send these pictures to you. Thank you for a wonderful time - sailing with you was the last thing I did before leaving New Zealand. I'll never forget that morning. Regards, Jim Hogan." 19-November 2008

Daniela from Italy. "Thank you so much Ray for the awesome day on the water! Helming Manutara was an experience I'll never forget and it really inspired me to learn more about sailing! Out of six months I would say today was probably the best day of my stay in NZ - Thank you so much!! Daniela from Italy." 10th October 2008

Esko Malmberg, Sweden. "I've had many things to choose to do while in Akaroa and sailing on Manutara was the best one. I won't forget it."

Andrew and Brooke Gibbons, Auckland, NZ. "It was a good way of doing something different and a peaceful way to see Akaroa harbour sights, but exciting too. You can get involved if you want and the skipper is very friendly."

Roger and Mary, Norfolk, UK. "What a way of life. I envy you."

Dave and Fiona Morris, Melbourne Australia. "First class cruise. Nice and peaceful and a unique, personal commentary. I loved the quiet with no motors, just the wind and water. A really relaxing way to travel."

Jamie Oates and Jeanette Faunce, Maine, USA. "We really enjoyed sailing with Ray and Chris. Manutara's a beautiful yacht. Much better than we expected. We had a great time. Thank you"

Naoya and Keiko Kinoshita. Tokyo, Japan. "It was really exciting and marvellous and a first time experience."

Monique and Annabel Neuman, Stewart Winterbourn, Ben Allen. Kiwis, living in Japan. "What a fantastic pre-wedding experience. A thrilling ride. Great Fun and opportunity to actually try your hand at sailing. Highly recommended. Have a go!"

Philip and Adine Keatley. Stratford on Avon, UK. "It was brilliant. We had the chance to work the boat and take the helm. A great experience, wonderful scenery and a beautiful day."

Kent and Carole De Young. Michigan USA. "Loved the friendly, knowledgeable crew. It was exhilarating today. Manutara's a spectacular classic yacht. It was a true sailing experience."

Elaine and Chris Booker, Seddon, NZ. "For us it was a first time sailing. It was exciting and felt like a brilliant adventure for me. Great Crew. They were encouraging without pushing and the cruise was well worth the money."

Mathew and Zandra Houston, Oxford UK. "An awesome sail, very congenial company, perfect wind. We got up to 6.5 knots."
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Customers' and Crews' Winning Photos
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Mark Cotterell - 3rd Jan 2008 - Dolphin Breathing

Sebastian Dramburg 3-December-2007 - Little Blue Penguins

Bob Lundy 17-December-2007 - Dolphins on Manutara's bow wave

Charles Scoones and Steve Hinton -Spinnaker Training!

Linda Shoebridge & Jackie Troy - Girls can do anything!

Trevor Knowsley being serious!

Murray Sheppard, Colin Withers, Linda and Ray Shoebridge, just arrived in Akaroa from Picton.

Pic by Jim Hogan. 19 November 2008. From Manutara's Bow, Hectors Dolphins

Photo by Annabelle Flower, December 2009

Kathy helming Manutara, 11th June 2010, on her 50th Birthday!

Pic by Michael Wachter. 29 November 2008. A bit crowded under the bow of Manutara

Pic of Manutara's brand new, fully battened mainsail. Brand New tri-radial genoa is furled. Rolf and Rita from Calgary, Canada.

Brilliant pic of a hector Dolphin just swimming alongside Manutara. Photo by Charlotte Nash, February 2010
A Wandering Albatross landing next to Manutara. Thanks to Anne Harris for the lovely pic!
Pic by Michael Wachter. 29 November 2008. Hector Dolphins racing Manutara

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